Antique Spanish Monastery Savonnerie rug early century Burgos

204cm x 392cm

Aus der Kategorie "Interieur antik"

Rare hand-knotted rug from the Cartuja Monastery of Santa María de Miraflores (see hand-knotted inscriptions

„ ??? LA CARTUJA“ & „BURGOS“) near Burgos / Spain.

Wide golden floral border around old rose background.

All the visible pleats are due to long folded storage and will disappear after a while. Thereby the pile is also flattened.

Due to age some visible white knots, pile in some areas very low, mostly in good shape. The rug has to be washed.

Unusual size; dimensions 6,7ft x 12,9ft / 204cm x 392cm

The rug comes secured from the estate of a governess at the Spanish royal family. This governess married around 1900 a German landowner from Stuttgart. So the carpet was brought to Germany at the beginning of the 20th century and has been family owned ever since. According to oral tradition, the carpet was knotted in a Spanish monastery, the inscriptions confirm this.

204cm x 392cm

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